Capella has created, advised, funded and accelerated leading mid-cap ventures around the globe, normally working within the strictest non disclosure terms of engagement. However, some examples of its work can be shared below. 

2WayTraffic’s (2WT) business was the development, production and monetisation of interactive content across television, (mobile) phone, internet and radio platforms. Capella Venture Partners advised the group as it grew, listed onto the LSE with a £115m valuation and acquired Celador International, owner of the ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire’ format.

2WT was subsequently acquired by SONY at a significant premium for 2WT’s shareholders. 

Bladon is a world leader in the design of micro power turbine generators. Capella Venture Partners worked on Bladon’s strategy to focus on addressing the static power market and recruited Bladon’s commercial and product management capability. 

Capella has worked at and advised Bladon since 2013 and has attracted and invested c. £20m of external capital to the business. 

BSG was one of three telco billing companies in the USA with access to the ‘Ma Bell’ telco billing systems. Capella partners were instrumental in consolidating the industry into one entity, BSG, that was subsequently listed onto the LSE.

A $60m loan facility was repaid at listing and disposals generated a X2.5 return for BSG’s shareholders within 18 months.

Capella Partners were instrumental in the development of BT’s tech incubator and accelerator, BT Brightstar, that became an integral part of US Tech Fund NVP’s portfolio. 

Capella Venture Partners is participating in Proxama’s ongoing strategic review and the successful execution of that strategy by the Company.

Capella partners span out BT’s workforce ‘van scheduling software’ as a standalone business. The software was responsible for the daily scheduling of the workload for BT’s 30,000 service engineers.

The newly minted company named Vidus was sold to a Nasdaq-listed resource software organisation Trimble at a valuation generating >20 returns to its investors.